Minimal invasive methods are as follows:
•injections. Several medications can help to create blood flow and they should be injected into the penis. A penile injection produces an erection within 5 up to 10 minutes and such an erection lasts for about one hour. The doctor shows to the patient how to make the penile injections in the proper way and the patient should make several injections supervised by the doctor in the surgery. There is one side effect that is possible and it is a painful erection that may last for some hours, it is known as priapism. This usually happens when the medicine dose is too much. If an achieved erection continues for four hours and longer, the penis may be damaged permanently. If such a situation occurs you should immediately look for the medical assistance.
•therapy for testosterone replacement. It is only appropriate for male patients whose testosterone levels are not high enough. Before going over the medication the doctor should examine the cause of the low level of testosterone.